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Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Camera

Medium-Range Combination type Infra-red Security & Fire Detection System Fire EYE

       Fire EYE is an all-in-one camera system which can detect intruders and fire. The system analyzes captured thermal images and then automatically detects and issues an alert for an intruder or occurrence of fire in the area covered by the system at night. No operator is required to carry out such functions.
   The system prevents any chance of personal and material loss caused by malfunction of the system through its misoperation - proof system: after analyzing transmitted thermal images, it first detects and issues an alert for an intruder or occurrence of fire and then monitors the intruder or fire under visible light. Operation of the system cannot be hampered by climate and environmental restrictions as the system can penetrates light mist and smoke correctly detect any object in bad weather, mist, smoke, and darkness.

Major features

⊙ Fire temperature setup and scale control function
   - Excluding naturally generated radiant energy
⊙Suitable for remote and vast area fire monitoring
⊙High reliability from certification
   -Improved product reliability from all kinds of tests for certification
⊙Accurate radiant heat reading for fire detection
⊙Remote and real time monitoring and control function (Optional)
⊙Accurate fire identification
   - Equipped with the fire identification
   algorithm based on accurate temperature analysis
⊙Round-the-clock temperature monitoring, reading and tracking function
⊙Security area surveillance function


Petrochemical plants, automobile painting shops, LNG/LPG storage facilities, oil tankers, semiconductor equipment and lines, power plants (nuclear, hydraulic, thermal, and cogeneration), Power transmission/distribution facilities, parking towers, broadcasting and communication facilities, steelworks facilities, culverts, tunnels, other fire hazard areas, etc.

Fire detection camera system
Dimension 540mm×250mm×390mm
Body Weight 13kg
Detection Range 300m (size of the fire circle: 30×30×5cm)
Detection Speed within 10 seconds
Operating Temperature -20℃~+50℃
Field of View (FOV) 25˚×18˚
Rated voltage AC 220V
Rated current 200W
Rated Frequency (Hz) 60Hz
Communication Method RS-485, Ethernet

Fire detection camera system