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Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Camera

Short Distance fire detection system using infra-red camera Fire EYE

Fire detection camera systems

   The Short Distance fire detection system uses algorithms to analyze the thermal infrared image based on temperature distribution and value data and compare them with the preset temperature values to judge fire occurrence Therefore. we dare to say that it overcame the spatial and technological limitations of conventional fire detection system to become the next-generation fire detection system that is optimum for fire detection at large and state-of-the-art facilities or remote places.

Major features

⊙ Automatically detecting and issuing an alert for
an intruder at night with no operator involved
⊙ Automatically detecting and issuing an alert for
an occurrence of fire at day and night with no operator involved
⊙ Equipped with a CCD camera which can automatically
conduct surveillance with no operator involved
⊙ Able to establish a preset to designate a suspicious
area for surveillance in advance
⊙ Able to detect subtle change in temperature,
monitoring any attempt to conceal and disguise


⊙ Ammunition storehouse, arsenal, ordnance factory, maintenance depot, POL storage yard, and other major facilities of the military and the police
⊙ Detection of an intruder of a military camp and surveillance of a coastline and any object subject to fire monitoring
⊙Surveillance and detection of fire at an electric power conduit pipe, utility pipeline, and tunnel

Dimension 540mm×250mm×140mm
Body Weight 4.5kg
Detection Range 300m (size of the circle: 30×30×5cm)
Waterproof/Dustproof Grade IP65 (ICE60529)
Field of View (FOV) 20˚ × 18˚ (18mm), Instantaneous (IFOV) : 1.36mrad / 320×240 Pixel
Rated voltage DC 12~24V ± 20%
Digital I/O Dual Support of Digital I/O, Input:10~30V 100mA / Output: 10~30V Optic Insulation
Power Consumption 90~220V AC I/O DC 12V~ 24V 12W 3A (Adaptor)
LED COLOR Power Source: Green (Normal), Fire Output: Red (Fire Detected)

Fire detection camera systems