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Kitchen Fire Extinguishers

Commercial Automatic Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System

Kitchen fire extinguishers system
System summary

   This is an automatic fire extinguishing system for kitchen only and is approved to be reliable and stable. This system’s highly sensitive temperature sensor can detect temperature rise of hood, duct, range, or fryer and, when a fire breaks out, the system releases eco-friendly chemical water (neutral) and extinguishing agent to put it out.


⊙ Large restaurants, fast food restaurants,
hotels, diners, hospitals, welfare facilities, and food courts
⊙ Underground food courts at shopping
malls and department stores
⊙ Kitchens at large hospitals
⊙ Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food restaurants

Major features

⊙ As soon as a fire is detected, a fire warning light is
turned on to signal warning and then fire extinguishing starts.
⊙ Has preliminary alarms to prevent malfunction
⊙ Extinguishing agent containers and operating
device are embedded in a compact cabinet.
⊙ Uses chemical water (neutral) and extinguishing
agent which are eco-friendly and not harmful to people as
well as very effective against a fire caused by cooking / frying oil
⊙ Prevents a secondary fire from breaking out by
automatically shutting off the supply of fuel gas and electricity
⊙ Has an activation device which uses highly reliable gas pressure
⊙ One controller can activate up to eight extinguishing agent containers
⊙ Has a smart controller which has the following functions:
Preliminary warning, alarming, switching between manual and automatic modes,
shutting off gas, turning off power, and stopping a damper

System operation process
System map
Purpose Hood / Duct Big range and fryer Small range and fryer Duct
Protection range Hood 2.8×2.0m
Duct 3,000㎠×5m
Range 1.2×2.5m
Fryer 0.7×1.2m
Range 1.3×1.3m
Fryer 0.7×1.2m
Volume of extinguishing agent Neutral chemical water 3.5L (accumulator-type)
Weight of a container About 7.5kg
Effective release time About 20 seconds About 21 seconds About 24 seconds About 27 seconds
Operation method By gas pressure from gas releasing device
Maximum pipe length 12m
Operating temperature range -10~+40℃
External dimensions (cabinet) 500mm×330mm×210mm
Weight About 15.6kg
Input voltage AC100V
Alarm Electronic buzzer / 86Db/m or more
Operating temperature 0~40℃ (no condensation)
LED color Power on (Green LED) / Extra power (Red LED) / In operation (Red LED) / Abnormal condition (Yellow LED)

Kitchen fire extinguishers system