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Chang Sung ACE Company Introduction


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   We, Chang Sung ACE Co., Ltd., have exerted a great deal of effort to a trusted company with highly sophisticated technological innovation since the inception in December 1989. We have developed enough technical skills to be a trusted developer and manufacturer of fire detection and prevention equipment and fire detectors required to handle semiconductors, chemicals, gunpowder, and gas and of semiconductor testing equipment.

   ICT of the 21st century is promising a better future for humankind in every sector. First of all, advancement in information and communications sectors and the Internet of Things (IoT) have blurred the distinction between production, office work, and management in industrial settings. And as convergence technology has become common, safety is now the top priority at the sectors exposed to danger and disasters under the dominant influence of ICT and IoT.

   We’ll promise customers the followings: Be ahead of competitors as the “small but strong technology pioneer” to respond to the needs of the times create new customer value through advanced technologies to deal with rapidly changing and unpredictable industries of the future; and provide unique quality products unlike other global competitors to be loved by customers and be a leading global brand of firefighting and disaster prevention.

   For these objectives, we’ll keep enthusiastic for creating a new bright future based on our management philosophy of unlimited spirit of challenge, customer-oriented services, and creation and innovation. Lastly, we would like to ask for your continuous interest and encouragement. Thank you.