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Chang Sung ACE Business Fields


Inquiry about our flame detectors, leakage detectors, or thermal imaging fire detection system
Inquiry about an estimate for our automatic fire extinguishing system for various equipment

Business Fields

Automatic fire extinguishing system
to protect semiconductor equipment
Real-time temperature monitoring system
Solid aerosol system to protect small space
Leakage detection system
Miscellaneous monitoring programs

Long-range thermal imaging fire detection / monitoring cameras
Mid-range compound thermal imaging security and fire detection cameras
Short-range thermal imaging fire detection cameras
Handheld fire detection thermal imaging cameras made by FLIR Systems
Close-range thermal imaging temperature and fire detection cameras
Fire detection system for coal transportation conveyer belt

Weight sensing system for gas cylinders
High- and multi-temperature sensors
Surge protectors
P-type class 1 receiver
LED emitters
Gas discharge abort switch

Triple infrared flame detectors
Ultraviolet/Infrared flame detectors
Ultraviolet flame detectors
Flame detectors for combustion monitoring
Test lamps for flame detectors