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Clean Fire Extinguishing Grenade Eco-friendly Fire Extinguishing Grenades for Big Fires, Explosive Fires, and Making Breakthroughs

   TOMA-T (throwable) and TOMA-F (launchable) fire extinguishing grenades are a new paradigm for fire extinguishing. Firefighters throw them into the fire source to smolder the fire and firefighters can approach the fire scene safely, preventing loss of firefighters’ lives.

Major features

⊙ Excellent extinguishing capacity
⊙ Eco-friendly extinguishing agent not harmful to people
⊙ Easy to use
⊙ Prevention of a secondary damage
caused by debris after the fire is extinguished
⊙ Protection of firefighters from the fire


Area which firefighters have difficulty in approaching
    - Pit floors, underground pipe utility conduits, skyscrapers, and etc.
Area where the fire is expected to spread rapidly
    - Hazardous materials storage, factory, depot, and etc.
Area where a metal fire breaks out or explosion is expected

Shape Shell-shaped Shell-shaped
Weight 800g/1800g 1800g
Operating temperature -20℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃
Operating distance within 10m 20m-30m