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Explosion-proof Fixed-temperature Detector

   This product is a fixed-temperature spot-type detector which activates when the surrounding temperature of a specific area exceeds the set temperature. The semiconductor sensor in this product automatically senses temperature through its thermistor. This product can instantly detect temperature and has successfully minimized detection error and power consumption. And it can display operation status on the LED screen for convenient maintenance.

Class Class 1
Type Non-waterproof type / Normal type / Reusable type / Non-storage type / Explosion-proof type
Working voltage DC 24V ± 20%
Nominal operating temperature Fixed-temperature point: 90℃
Detention range Less than 4m of installation height: 70㎡
Number of connections per circuit No restriction
Environment conditions -10℃ ∼ 50℃, max 90% RH
Material Body - AL(DC4), Detector - Brass
Explosion-proof structure and level Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure (Exd IIB T4)
External dimensions 92㎜ × 92㎜ × 158㎜
Weight 925g