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High- and Multi-temperature Sensor

   This product refers to a mineral insulator cable covered by sheathed metal. “Functional strands” which are selected to meet the specific purpose of the sensor are embedded inside the cable as a conductor. And the strands are covered by insulator. Thermocouples are arranged at the single point or multi points inside the cable and detect the distance from and location at a fire breaks out. And the result is displayed on a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Major features

⊙ Stable materials such as STS316, ST321, and copper
⊙ No change in the distance between strands inside the mineral insulator cable
⊙ Good flexibility
⊙ Vibration-resistant and electronically and mechanically stable


⊙ Turbine and high heat exchanger for (nuclear, hydroelectric, thermal, and cogeneration) power plants, contact-type temperature measurement for tanks and vehicles, and other places whose temperature is high

Cross section of fire detection cable