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Power Supply Box only for Fire Extinguishing

   CS-PS5A is a power supply box connected to a flame detector which operates under AC220V / DC24V and requires extra power in case of a blackout.

Product features

⊙ Alternates between AC and DC by on/off switch ⊙ Displays AC power mode, DC power mode, and battery recharging visually

AC Power DC Power Disconnection
Green Green Red
AC Power On DC Power On -
Model CS-PS5A
Type Exposed-type / Wall fixing-type
CASE Powder coating
Color Gray
External dimensions 260mm× 80mm× 330mm
Input voltage AC220V, 60Hz
Output voltage DC24V±10%
Output capacity 70W ( DC24V, 2.9A )
Volume of extra power DC24V, 1.3AH, lead storage battery × 2
Advance time 60 minutes ( DC24V, 2.9A )
Recharging time About 48 hours