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Weight Gauging and Leakage Warning System

Weight Gauging and Leakage Warning System

Gauging the weight of a gas cylinder by using load cell and issuing warnings

This system monitors the weight of a cylinder which contains fire extinguishing agent in real time and if the agent in the cylinder leaks it detects the leakage and issues a warning against it in order to make sure that fire extinguishing capability is maintained. Load cell / Leakage of gas in the container / Digital load cell indicator / Alarm of the leakage of fire extinguishing agent / Remote monitoring program

Problems when the weight gauging
system is not in operation

⊙ It cannot be confirmed whether fire
      extinguishing agent is leaked or not
⊙ Maintenance of gaseous fire suppression
      equipment becomes hard when the system isn’t in operation.
⊙ Effectiveness of fire extinguishing decreases
      as the leakage results in insufficient fire extinguishing agent.

Expected effects when the weight gauging system is in operation

⊙ Checking the amount of fire extinguishing agent
      through real-time monitoring
⊙ Capable of immediate actions to deal with the leakage
⊙ Capable of swift replacement of a gas cylinder and its
      component which cause the leakage
⊙ Guaranteeing the best fire extinguishing capability

Digital Load Cell Indicator

South Korean patent number: 0470969
This product passed electromagnetic wave (EMI and EMC)
test, withstand voltage test, and noise test.


⊙ High precision indicator for industrial use
⊙ Weight range of a cylinder in use: 0kg – 200kg (including the weight of fire
      extinguishing agent)
⊙ Weight range to issue a warning: 1kg
⊙ Convenient and flexible control setting: High Alarm, Low Alarm, Forward
      Direction Level and Opposite Direction Level
⊙ Capable of data communication (RS-485)
⊙ Capable of automatic weight setting
⊙ Capable of alarm setting and external contacts
⊙ Capable of weight calibration

Load cell

⊙ 50Kg (170x170x30mm)
⊙ 100Kg (350x170x30mm)
⊙ 200Kg (300x300x30mm)

Monitoring program

Customized monitoring program to meet the needs of users

⊙ Data communication via RS-485 protocol
⊙ Capable of checking the weight of a cylinder in real time via the remote
      monitoring program
⊙ Graphically displayed gas leakage alarm
⊙ Embedded with graphic user interface