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Automatic Fire Extinguishing System to Protect Semiconductor Equipment

Automatic Fire Extinguishing System to Protect Semiconductor Equipment

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System summary

   This automatic fire extinguishing system to protect semiconductor equipment is a small-sized automatic fire extinguishing system designed to identify and extinguish a fire of a machine tool, ordinary machinery, or semiconductor equipment. This system can communicate data with our temperature controllers in real time and extinguish a fire swiftly and accurately. In addition, as this system is small, it’s easy to install and use the system.

Feature of the system

⊙ Using CO² fire extinguishing agent
Highly pressurized CO² fire extinguishing agent can instantly put out a fire and leaves little residues, having no harmful effect on LCD equipment and other equipment in a clean room.

⊙ Acquiring high level of reliability through certification
This system has acquired various certification and that guarantees the reliability of this system. And this system is also eco-friendly as it is designed to reduce the effect of electromagnetic wave. This system can predict the location where a fire could break out and a potentially abnormal situation in advance. Such prediction of a fire and monitoring of a possible abnormal situation, linked with digital control of temperature and real-time temperature monitoring, can prevent any fire from happening in advance.

⊙ Digitized control
various fire detectors and therefore has improved reliability and determinacy and can control the information remarkably compared to existing analogue methods.

⊙ Digital data communication
The “BESTOUCH” automatic fire extinguishing system is embed with communication device and therefore can monitor detailed status of fire extinguishers in real time.

⊙ Monitoring the weight of fire extinguishing agent and issuing a warning against unusual change in the weight
The gas pressure of fire extinguishing agent can be monitored in real-time by measuring the weight of the agent. Therefore, operators don’t need to worry about whether the agent is discharged properly when a fire breaks out. And this function also makes maintenance of the system more convenient.

⊙ Enhanced user convenience and reduced installation cost
As this system is provided in a packaged form, no additional storage room is required to install this system and therefore installation of the system is rather easy. In addition, this system adopts two-wire communication method and therefore doesn’t need extra cost to install communication lines.

⊙ Easy maintenance
As this system is designed to carry out various self-tests and self-checkups and let operators monitor the system at all times, follow-up maintenance of the system is relatively easy.

Applicability of this system

Semiconductor production equipment, LCD production equipment, unmanned communication base station to protect electronics and communication facilities, computer room, electricy room, ommucnitaion facility room, telephone exchange room, electronic device room, VTR room, broadcasting equipment room, central monitoring room, elevator monitoring room, chemistry laboratory room, X-ray room, hospital, pharmacy, bank’s safe, library, museum, art gallery, archive. jewelry storage, and the object of fire service which stores and handles class 4 hazardous goods or special combustible materials

Model CP7S CP14S CP25S CP25D CP45S CP45D
External dimensions 420×325
Fire extinguishing agent CO2 GAS
Storage volume 7kg×1 14kg×1 25kg×1 25kg×2 45kg×1 45kg×2
Coating Red power coating Beige powder coating
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
Input voltage AC 110V 50/60Hz(1A), AC 220V 50/60Hz(0.5A)
Emergency power supply DC 24V, 2900mAh lead-acid Battery
Circuit voltage / Output voltage DC 24V
Detector signal input
AND circuit Detector with two circuits (L1 and L2) starts to operate; 2 Systems
OR circuit Detector with one circuit (L1 or L2) starts to operate; 1 System
System status Can be confirmed via the LCD screen
Manual operation button Red “Push” button (easily breakable button made from acrylic synthetic resin)
Power lamp Green LED lamp
PC comm
unication lamp
Green LED lamp
TC comm
unication lamp
Green LED lamp
Extra power lamp Red LED lamp (this lamp is on when the main power is off)
Extra power discon
nection lamp
Yellow LED lamp (this lamp is on when extra power is cut off)
Caution lamp Yellow LED lamp (this lamp is on when a switch is pressed or disconnection occurs)
Fire alarm lamp Red LED lamp (this lamp is on when a fire detector starts to operate)
Operation lamp Red LED lamp (this lamp is on when an activation device starts to operate)
Discharge signal Red LED lamp (this lamp is on when fire extinguishing agent is discharged)
Alarm siren Blaring a siren (when a fire breaks out or a signal indicating abnormal situation is inputted)