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Duct Protection Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

Duct Protection Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

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System flow
System summary

This system installs a highly sensitive temperature sensor (PT100) and a digital temperature controller inside the exhaust ducts at semiconductor plants and plants to manufacture rubber goods and measures the temperature inside the ducts in real-time. When a fire or an abnormal situation occurs, this system extinguishes the fire or respond to the situation immediately in collaboration with the automatic fire extinguishing equipment.

System features

⊙ This system can precisely measure the temperature
      inside the exhaust ducts in real-time.
⊙ Automatic alarm, warning signal, and fire extinguishing
      device start to operate when the previously set temperature exceeds.
⊙ When a fire breaks out, fire extinguishing gas is discharged
      automatically to put out the fire.
⊙ Unusual temperature, fire signals, and other relevant data
      are automatically recorded on a daily and hourly basis.
⊙ This system carries out efficient management of fire
      prevention activities for those vulnerable to fire.


⊙ Semiconductor factory
⊙ Rubber goods manufacturing plant
⊙ Drying equipment
⊙ Turbines and engines