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Thermal Imaging Fire Detection / Monitoring Cameras System

Thermal Imaging Fire Detection / Monitoring Cameras System

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System summary

This is a fire detection camera system essential for the prevention of a fire at a coal depot and a coal conveying facility. Thermal imaging cameras detect whether there’s flame from bituminous coal and measure the temperature of the heat source inside coal which are delivered on a conveyor belt from a coal depot to the power production facility at a thermal power plant.

Major features

⊙ Capable of monitoring and predicting any factor which can cause a fire such as heat and temperature in advance.
⊙ Easy to set monitoring temperature
⊙ Widely applicable to prevention of a fire, equipment malfunction, and an accident
⊙ Best suited for prevention of coal fire as the system detects radiant heat
⊙ Capable of detecting the heat source inside coal
⊙ Highly interoperable and compatible with existing camera systems or water sprinkling systems

Model FE-N1102
External dimensions 540mm×250mm×390mm
Weight of main body 13kg
Detection range 300m
Detection Speed within 10 sec
Operating temperature -20℃~+50℃
Field of view(FOV) 25˚×18˚
Output relay capacity AC 220V
Rated voltage 200W
Image frequency(Hz) 60Hz
Communication protocol RS-485, Ethernet