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Thermal Imaging Fire Detection Camera

FLIR-K Series Handheld Fire Detection Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imagery infrared camera

   Firefighter need to carry out their duties, such as approaching to the scene, receiving a briefing, and checking personal protective equipment, and figure out the situation at the scene. And support from personal equipment and colleagues is essential when entering inside. FLIR-K series handheld fire detection thermal imaging camera is a superb equipment to save the lives of you and others. This product is specially designed and developed to deliver its full performance even when the fire is very severe.

Major features

⊙ Clear digital images (FSD technology)
⊙ Affordable price range
⊙ Superb durability and reliability
⊙ Clear thermal images
⊙ Easily operable with fire protection gloves on
⊙ Images and videos can be recorded and then be used as data


⊙ Affordable price range
⊙ Identifying fire source of the scene
⊙ Identifying whether there are embers at the core of wood
⊙ Identifying whether there are undetected embers
⊙ Identifying the location of people at the scene

Model K45 K55
Infrared resoultion 240x180 pixels 320x240 pixels
Field of view (FOV) / Minimum focal length 47˚x35˚/0.4m
Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) 80mK@+30℃
Image frequency 60Hz
Focus Fixed
Zoom 2x digital zoom
Camera weight including battery 1037g or less
Camera size 120x125x280mm or less
Display 4-inch, LCD, 320x240 pixels, back light
Image mode Thermal imaging (IR)
Object temperature range Between -20℃ and 85℃ / Between 0℃ and +260℃ for five minutes
Auto-range Yes, mode dependent
Accuracy +-4℃ or +-4% of reading for ambient temperature
Battery Li ion, 4 hours operating time
Operating temperature range Between -20℃ and +85℃ / +260℃ for five minutes
Warranty Two years for camera body, ten years for essential components (detectors)

Thermal imagery infrared camera